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Panel Boards
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Park panelboards are available in a wide range of models and ampacities for power and distribution service in industrial plants, electric utilities, commercial facilities and other applications dealing with lighting control, telecom systems, etc. All of our panelboards share the same high standards of efficient design and quality construction that characterize our many other Park products. In addition to offering a selection of standard panelboard models, Park is well situated to design and manufacture custom panelboards to meet special customer needs. Retrofit panels are available to fit into existing back boxes. Please consult our sales staff.

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  1. Panelboards meet specifications of U.S. Standard No. 67 (Panelboards) UL Reference File #E25329.
  2. Panelboard and switchboard sections containing all UL listed devices and components are UL labeled.
  3. Boxes are constructed of code gauge galvanized steel.
  4. Fronts and doors are constructed of code gauge steel, finish painted with ANSI-61 light gray paint. Doors are equipped with flush disc tumbler locks, all keyed alike, and supplied with one key. Directory holder with directory card is provided on inside of door.
  5. Main bus is silver plated copper; branch connectors are either copper or aluminum, based on requirement.
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Check Out these Quality Park Features
  • All breakers are bussed, including main breakers no wires
    All bolt-on breakers
    Park design provides for adding more branch breakers, if required; all brackets and mounting hardware are included
  • Modifications available-oversize lugs, compression lugs, double lugs, feed thru lugs, split bus, remote control switches, time clocks, rainproof enclosures and service entrance label
  • Extruded branch bus has case hardened thread forming screws for greater engagement
  • Bus supports provide bracing for currents up to 100,000 Amp symmetrical withstand
  • Over sized boxes standard on all higher ampacity panelboards; provide increased gutters and pull space for handling larger wire sizes
    Directory frame mounted on the door
    Unique branch neutral accepts a range of aluminum or copper wire sizes from #14 to #1/0
    Self-aligning trim clamps feature a flat clamping head which engages box flanges Flush lock and recessed piano hinge

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Park panelboards are available in a wide range of models and ampacities for power and distribution service in industrial plants
Date published: 04/09/2013
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