Application data

Park bus is available in a wide range of ratings to allow for proper application and varying installation conditions. Bus runs can be provided for both indoor and outdoor service.

Our complete line of bus sections includes:

  1. Terminating sections for transformer and switchgear.
  2. T-taps and Y-taps.
  3. Off-sets and elbows.
  4. Wall entrance seals.
Application data
General product info

Bar Type Bus Duct

The bus duct conductor is available in either tin-plated, full round edge, type #110, flat copper bars or electrical conductor grade aluminum alloy #6101-T61 tin plated. Ducts may be specified in voltage classes of 600 volts, 5kV, 15kV and 38kV with current ratings to 12000 amperes as standard. Standard bus bracing is 65KA – 600V, 40KA – 5kV, 40KA – 15kV and 20KA – 38kV.

With the exception of the 600 volt class, all phase bus work is insulated with flame retardant Epoxy insulation. All bus joints are plated and booted, utilizing standard insulating materials.

All bus work is supported on molded, flame retardant, glass-reinforced, polyester supports to meet the momentary withstands requirement of the application. Post type, porcelain bus supports are also available as an option. If an insulated neutral is required, it is necessary to modify the housing.

Where splice plates are required, they are equal in cross section to the main bus. All bus joints are made with 1/2 inch zinc plated, steel grade 5 hardware, or stainless.

Bus Housing

Both indoor and outdoor bus are totally enclosed and gasketed, and equipped with space heaters, when required. The top and bottom covers are removable to provide easy access to the bus. Painted aluminum, or painted steel housings are available in current ratings up to 2000 amperes. Above this current only aluminum enclosures are supplied. Where a bus duct passes through a wall from indoor to outdoor, a weatherproof seal with vapor barrier to prevent the passage of vapors is provided. Both indoor and outdoor bus runs are supplied in unbroken sections as specified by the purchaser, up to a maximum of 30 feet.

Space heaters are mounted inside the outdoor housing to prevent condensation. They are 500 watt, 240 volt heaters wired to a 120 volt source. With this arrangement each heater will produce approximately 125 watts which prolongs the life of the heater element. They are spaced approximately every seven to ten feet along the length of the outdoor bus run. The wiring is terminated in a junction box for connection to the customer's source. This junction box is normally located on the side of the duct, inside the building, just beyond the wall flange.

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