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General Information

Secondary bus enclosures are specified increasingly by more engineers as they seek to provide for future plant expansions and accommodate the need for additional, secondary transformer taps as load requirements grow. Park secondary bus enclosures will enable your facility to add many more service taps without costly modifications to existing transformer equipment, or perhaps, even complete replacement.

Park secondary enclosures are rated at 600 volts, with units available in current ranges from 2000 to 7500 amps. The bus bar is a high conductivity copper, and punched for 2-hole NEMA spades, with capacities up to 28 service taps.

Features and SpecificationsPark enclosures NEMA 3R

  • Park enclosures are typically NEMA 3R outdoor construction. NEMA 4XSS styles can also be supplied.
  • Non tapered full horizontal copper bus. Continuous copper ground bar. Full neutral throughout.
  • 3 Point latching door hardware with pad lockable handle.
  • Open bottom and bus arrangement provide easy access for cable connections; simplify installation and maintenance.
  • Bus accepts NEMA spaced 2-hole and 4-hole lugs back-to-back.Heavy duty, bolted construction (11-gauge.)
  • Heavy duty, bolted construction(11-gauge)
  • Corrosion-free, nonferrous hardware.
  • Front and rear doors provide easy access.
  • Tamper-resistant, overlapping door and enclosure flanges.
  • Removable lift attachments with tamper-resistant blind holes.
  • Cross-kinked, pitched roof prevents moisture retention.


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