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Fixed Mount or Draw out Circuit Breaker PanelsPark Low Voltage Switchgear

Metal-Enclosed Low Voltage Switchgear with draw out or fixed insulated case and power circuit breakers is used in electric power distribution systems for the control and protection of circuit conductors and equipment. It is designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with ANSI and UL® standards, as well as NEMA standards. It is suitable for the most severe duty in such typical applications as waste water treatment, industrial plants, central generating stations, military bases, commercial and residential buildings. Available in indoor and outdoor walk-in construction, these units are used at system voltages of 600, 480, 240 and 208 volts. Circuit breakers may either be manually or electrically operated, fused or unfused.

Check out these Park Special Features

• Space Saving Standard Sizes: two widths of 30” and 22” with uniform depths of 60” simplifies floor space planning.

• Flexible Mounting Arrangements: four high stacking of ratings from 800A to 2,000A in 22” wide modules.

• Solid State Tripping System: by digitally sampling the entire electrical wave the trip device accurately measures true RMS current value. Harmonics caused by variable speed drive systems, induction heating and other SCR-controlled loads cannot produce nuisance tripping or inadequate thermal protection.

• Bolted Copper Bus with Silver Plated Connections Reduces Maintenance 

• Circuit Breakers Ship in Cubicles: saves time and labor in handling, storage and installation.

• Insulated Bus and Cable/Bus Area Barriers: options that reduce risk of accidental contact with main bus and reduce the risk of main bus faults.

• Closed Door Racking and Complete Draw out on Telescoping Rails

Low Voltage Switchgear

Low Voltage Switchgear

Low Voltage Switchgear

Welded steel construction for security and strength Various combinations of switch and fuse arrangements available
Date published: 04/09/2013
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