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Parks line of Service Entrance Switchboards and Distribution Switchboards are single or multiple cabinet systems that can be shipped as single units for NEMA 3R, NEMA 3R/12 or NEMA 4XSS applications. As NEMA 1 indoor enclosures, they can be shipped broken down to single cabinets. These switchboards are designed to meet the needs of main over current protection with properly coordinated distribution over current devices. Main or distribution disconnects can be circuit breakers, fusible bolted pressure switches or fusible knife switches.


Our switchboard design and construction is state-of-the-art and complies with all applicable Federal, UL and NEC specifications, as well as all U.S. utility requirements. Enclosures are constructed of heavy duty steel, and metering current transformer compartments can be customized to meet your utility requirements with hinged door and secure latch for utility company sealing. Metering current transformer compartments can be ahead of (Hot Metering), or after the main disconnect (Cold Metering). Potential transformer provision for complex metering is available. Park can also provide additive or subtractive metering designs. Top or bottom feed lug landings or bus heads to terminate in NEMA type spades are standard designs. Bus risers can be made with bends to pass around obstacles, go straight up, take a 90 degree bend to go through a wall, etc. The bus can go out the back of the switchboard through a wall, and then covered by a bus head enclosure to terminate with underground feeds, outside the building. Park can also hard bus from the transformer spades into the switchboard or switchgear. The standard bus withstand rating is 65kA.

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Park Offers Many Versatile Switchboard Designs

 Versatile Switchboard DesignsVersatile Switchboard Designs

Park switchboards can be furnished in various types and models to meet your service needs and application requirements. We offer front accessible units that conserve floor space and can be installed against a wall. Rear-connected switchboards with draw out or fixed mount breakers are also available. Circuit breakers can be either molded case (MCCB's) or insulated case (ICCB's), depending on considerations for maintenance access, cost factors and other service criteria.

The Park switchboard shown at the right is a front accessible model that is available in both DC and AC versions and can be furnished for either single phase or 3 phase systems. Standard unit is supplied without an outer door.

Low-Voltage-Switchgear Advantages


Features and Advantages

  • Park switchboards are typically NEMA 1 indoor construction. NEMA 3R, NEMA 3R/12 and NEMA 4XSS styles contain the basic switchboard in a NEMA 1 enclosure.
  • Rating label information is clearly visible on the equipment front panel. Danger, arc flash, short circuit, continuous rating, UL listing labels, SE labels, present the required information in accord with NEMA standard PB-2, UL 891 and the NEC.
  • Incoming main lugs are mechanical screw type mounted on bus bar. Sizes range from 750MCM to 1/0 AWG. Rated 90 degree centigrade.
  • Crimp type lugs available upon request.
  • Insulated, barrier type utility metering compartments available.
  • Non tapered full horizontal bus. Continuous copper ground bar. Full neutral throughout, 200% neutral available.
  • Tin plated copper conductor available for environments conducive to silver corrosion.

Available Options

  • Many options can be incorporated into the overall enclosure with switchboard disconnects, including contactors, lighting transformer, lighting panels, capacitor banks, time clocks, photo controls, control transformers, heaters, thermostats, lights, and receptacles.
  • Ground fault relays, shunt trip operators, kirk key interlocks, auxiliary switches, blown fuse detectors and phase failure relays also available.
  • End User electronic metering including harmonics available.
  • Manual and automatic transfer switches can be incorporated into the switchboard design.
  • Main-Tie-Main with interlocking design is available.


Parks line of Service Entrance Switchboards and Distribution Switchboards are single or multiple cabinet systems that can be shipped as single units for NEMA 3R, NEMA 3R/12 or NEMA 4XSS applications.
Date published: 04/03/2013
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